Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mac Alluring Aquatic Collection

Warning: The following post is a feast for the eyes. You may experience the following side effects- shortness of breath, racing heart, and a sudden desire to send all of your money to Mac. You have been warned.

If you have ever had a desire to be a mermaid, water nymph or maybe you just like water (okay maybe you like makeup too), then Mac's Alluring Aquatic collection is right up your alley. Summer is right around the corner which means some of us will be spending a lot of time in our bathing suits, or at least some smaller clothing than during the Winter months. That being said I think this collection is perfect for warm weather because of all the bronzers and shimmery finishes. I don't know what it is about Summer that makes me want to glow and break out those reflective, eye-catching shadows. Maybe it's the sun-when that sucker is out I seriously think something crazy happens and everybody suddenly becomes a lot more attractive, the rays bouncing off of our shimmery cheek bones and blinding the eyes of the men playing volleyball on the beach with their shirts off and their tan, chiseled abs...ahem. Um where was I again? Something about makeup...ah yes so without further ado I bring you Alluring Aquatic! Take note of the gorgeous packaging, reflective teal with raised "water droplets". When I first saw the promo photos I actually thought the items had been spritzed with water as part of the marketing, but the ingenious designers at Mac created the packaging to give the illusion of being wet, super cool!
First we have the Extra Dimension blushes $27.50:
-Sea Me, Hear Me- Beige pink
-Seduced at Sea- midtone neutral plum, but looks more like peach
Extra Dimension Bronzers $33.00
-Aphrodite's Shell- Golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer
-Dephic- Soft brick tan with a touch of fine shimmer
Bronzing Powder $27.50
-Golden- Muted golden tan-beige with shimmer
-Refined Golden- Finely spun golden with soft pearl
Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner $17.50
-Black line- Black with gold pearl
-Black Swan- Black with pearl
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (mini) $19.50
-Lorelei- Golden beige
-Sea Worship- Tarnished Olive
-Silver Sun- Midtone dirty seafoam green
-Soul Serenade- Deep plum brown
-Fathoms Deep- Deep blue
-Legendary Lure- Deep cerulean
Clockwise from top left: Silver Sun, Soul Serenade, Lorelei, Fathoms Deep, Legendary Lure, Sea Worship
Lip Pencil $16.50
-What Comes Naturally- Light nude
-Half-red- Soft burgundy
Tinted Lipglass $16.50
-Cleat Water- Sheer nude with multidimensional pearl
-Peachstock- Creamy true nude
-Water Deities- Light bronzey pink
-Seducing Sound- Midtone plummy bronze
-Modern Lure- Deep violet with pink pearl
Lipstick $17.50
-Siren Song (lustre)- Sheer pale beige
-Pet Me, Please (frost)- Light shimmering mauve
-Enchanted One (matte)- Midtone neutral pink
-Mystical (cremesheen)- Midtone creamy rose
-Goddess of the Sea (cremesheen)- Dark vibrant violet
Nail Lacquer $17.50
-Shimmerfish (pearl)- Sparkling platinum
-Neptune (frost)- Tarnished gold
-Submerged (frost)- Dark teal chrome
L to R: Submerged, Neptune, Shimmerfish.

-233 Split fibre eye shadow brush $25.00
-127 Split fibre face brush $35.00
-Makeup bag $35.00

Pretty impressive collection, right? These babies have almost sold out online but hit Mac store shelves May 22nd! Everything will go fast so if you see something you want-grab it fast! I would love to hear what you plan on getting your hands on, I myself will definitely be picking up the Enchanted One lipstick and Silver Sun eyeshadow. I might decide on something else when I actually see it in person-we all know how that goes!
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  1. I have been stalking this collection forever and ended up getting Goddess of the sea online and was planning on going in store to check out blushes and other lipsticks. But then Brand New tickets happened. I opted to pay for those instead of more makeup. It's hard because the packaging is SO beautiful but Brand New is definitely worth it lol I'm just glad I got a lipstick!

    1. Oh my gosh I am so jealous. They haven't made another album since Daisy right? They are just touring?

    2. Right. They are doing really random sporadic touring. I guess it's not even part of a tour, they are just playing 3 shows in FL randomly. But it's a good sign that they are more active, hopefully that means album soon!