Friday, July 4, 2014

Influenster Vow VoxBox

Man do I love free things. It never gets old, and never have I opened my mail box and said "damn I got free samples again." Influenster has once again sent me things to review, this time simply because I am going to be in my best friend's wedding in the next six months! Generous, right? So I say once again, if you have not signed up for this site, what are you waiting for?! Read more about it here.

So let's dive right in, shall we?
First we have Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream. This lovely little cream is supposed to be used morning and night to fade the look of dark spots and reveal brighter skin that glows. Olay suggests using this for 8 weeks to see results, and since I have only used it a handful of times I cannot really report on any visible changes yet. I can say that this stuff smells good, and it's slightly orange. So if you like your products to be all natural, free of dyes and perfume or if your skin is extremely sensitive this is definitely not for you. This cream is on the heavy side so I might also stay away if you have super oily skin. That being said I think this will be wonderful during those cold months when I can't seem to get rid of the dry patches on my face that inevitably pop up when the temperature drops and the wind starts whipping around.

Another facial product I received is the EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge. I can safely say I love this strange little thing. I have never used a sponge on my face before so I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The sponge comes shrink wrapped and hard. It's super light and kind of rough when dry but as soon as it soaks up the water the texture completely changes. It's made of vegetable root so it's unlike anything I've felt before but I really like it. I did a test the other night, I washed my face like normal with my Bare Face oil from Julep and after I rinsed that off I used the sponge on my face just to see if all the makeup had come off. To my surprise there was still quite a bit of makeup on my sponge! I will definitely start using this in conjunction with my cleansers since I feel it helps to remove every trace of makeup and gives a light exfoliation.

Tide to Go is perfect for all of you clumsy eaters out there like myself. I literally cannot eat or drink a single thing without spilling at least a little of it on myself. I am already a fan of this little pen so I was happy to receive another one. Throw this in your purse, car, briefcase, desk, anywhere to remove those stains before they set in, and in order to avoid embarrassment (I know I'm not the only one that has spilled something on my shirt directly on my nipple).

Riley and Grey is a wedding website company that gave us a code for 50% off a website. Lovely for soon-to-be tied couples, unfortunately I am not one of those so I had no use for it.

Next up is the Pure Silk shave cream, not a whole lot to elaborate on here, you use it to shave! This lathers nicely and does help to give a cleaner shave and smoother legs. I tried to use this on other areas of my body and it didn't work as well so I would say stick to the legs for best results.

Last but not least, Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in the shade Barracuda, because we have to have something blue! This is a truly beautiful pastel shade, which I'm really digging for this summer. I've been going to opposite ends of the color spectrum with my polish lately, either rocking pastels or bright ass neons. Anyway, I just tried this shade last night and I was slightly disappointed. I have three other shades from the complete salon manicure collection and they're pretty nice. This one however I found more difficult to apply and it took three coats to completely cover. The brush is unlike any I have used before, it's more rounded at the tip which makes it harder to create a straight line at the base. The first coat applies too streaky for my taste and it's hard to get a good, even coat.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will be able to do more posts like these in the future!

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Products sent to me for testing purposes.

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  1. the nail polish is sooo pretty!
    i just received my very first voxbox!